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Rev. Dr.  Rodney Coles Sr was born in New York City. As a youth growing up in New York, Pastor Coles served in various ministries in his home church St. Matthews Baptist Church; He received his call to Christian Ministry in 1987 and he graduated from NYC Theological Seminary School in June, of that year.


Pastor Coles began his post educational career to further equip him for his ministry. He attended St Luke Baptist Church Disciple Class under the teaching of Rev. Dr. J.G.McCann Sr (A.A, B.A, M DIV, and S.T.M. D.MIN)


He relocated to Greenville, North Carolina in 2006 and God called him to begin his own Ministry.  In January 2007 he founded The Children of God in Christ Church located in Greenville, NC. Pastor Coles is focused on building God's kingdom, God's community, and God's people.


In the fall of 2007 he had vision to share with the people of God. The vision of Churches Outreach Network was born.  It is focused on the people in the community, especially those who were not part of the body of Christ, and those who were not attending a church. We provide a network of community referrals, resources, assistance and help to those in need. In our opinion many people who were in the Church building were either already saved or on their way to being saved, and that left out the people who did not know Jesus, or how to find out about him. Churches Outreach Network outreaches in the community through a network of community leaders that are Pastors, Ministers, Organizational leaders, or businesses. We network together as one ministering the word of God, or fellowshipping together at events. We are a public nonprofit 501 © 3 organization. Through Churches Outreach Network several ministries were birthed including The Inter-Faith Clergy based on Pastors, Ministers and Community leaders meeting and coming together once per month to address the needs of the community and the Community Action committee by working with law enforcement and faith based organizations.   

Pastor Rodney Coles  Sr has been blessed with his help mate whom he has known for 37 years and God has given her to him to help meet the responsibilities that have been placed on his life. After their God ordained union she became Debra L Coles.  

Pastor Rodney Coles Sr. has confessed that there is, and there could never be a greater blessing in his life than that of the angels that the Almighty God has given him, his wife, his children, and his grandchildren.


Pastor Rodney Coles  Sr would like to remind and encourage all of God's people, to believe in working together in love, and that “Team work makes the Dream work”

Cheryl Emanuel, was a senior public health/community engagement leader working at the forefront of policy, advocacy, and equity in Public Health. Mrs. Emanuel joined the Mecklenburg County Public Health (MCPH) in 2000. She brings broad-based expertise to public health as an inspiring, hands-on leader.

With extensive experience in developing programs and policies that foster an inclusive environment, Mrs. Emanuel works effectively with persons from diverse cultural backgrounds toward achieving team goals, helping families develop the building blocks for lifelong health. 


Mrs. Emanuel has provided strategic leadership in developing Public Health’s approach to diversity, equity, inclusion and collaboration for healthcare. As she puts it: “Everyone deserves healthcare, access and resources regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender and economical status.”

She is visionary and founder of Village HeartBEAT, the 2019 Grand Prize Winner of Aetna Foundation’s Healthiest Cities Counties Challenge Award. Village HeartBEAT was designed as a collaborative program organized with a multi-level framework that involves Faith-Based Organizations as a core stakeholder in addressing chronic disease prevention in various communities.

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