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Health Coach
Health Coach

The Health Coach trainer will be the leader of their team:  They will be part of various trainings and workshops in addition to filling out an application and a waiver form.  Their overall responsibility will be to ensure that those who are part of their team are doing all they can to ensure they are living healthier by making healthier food choices,  and exercising.  In order to ensure their team runs effeciently they will purchase required items such as: 

  • Weigth Scale
  • Blood pressure machine
  • Tape measurer
  • Blender
  • Any other item they may need to ensure the success of their team

Each Coach much have access to a computer to ensure that all forms required of them are sent on time.  Each Coach will train their group on Healthy eating, Shopping, and Fitness.  The Coaches will train the groups on:

  • Myplate.ogv
  • Water intake
  • Making Smoothies
  • Gardening skills
  • Healthy reciepes
  • Nutrition
  • Attend the EFNEP (Expanded food and Nutrition Education Program)

Training to the coaches will be done by experts in the fields of

  • Diabetes/Kidneys
  • Nutrition
  • Blood pressure
  • Medical Information
  • Smoking/tobacco

At the beginning of each team training the coaches will use a spreadsheet to record the Names, ages, beginning Weight, Height, BMI,  and bloodpressure of each person on the team.  For 6 months each coach will meet with their teams discussing the topics and putting together exercises to be done either as a group or individually.  The exercises will work on a point system and be tracked by a sheet which will be tallied over that time period to produce an end result.  That end result will determine which team coach and which individual on each team received the most points.  Exercises will consist of and be initiated by each coach to include:

  • Biking
  • Walking
  • Strength training
  • Line dancing
  • Etc. 

Team exercises will consist of at least a minimun of 5 persons. 

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